Michael GARIO Multiplatinium and playback Engineer (ULTIMO, BABY K, MANESKIN, IRAMA...)

« LIOBOX is all straightforward, clear and Intuitive » 

Hi, I’m Michael Gario from Biella in Italy.

I‘m a Multiplatinum Mixing Engineer, Live sound Engineer and Live Playback Engineer.
I work a lot in studio as a Mixing engineer and for arenas and stadiums tour in Italy as a Playback Engineer.
As a Playback Engineer I’m actively collaborate with Ultimo and his Stadiums Tour and Irama in Arenas. As a studio engineer I’ve work with many artist here in Italy just like: Baby K, Maneskin, Irama, Fred the Palma and some International Artists like: Becky G, Anitta and T-Pain.
Currently I’ve just finish the Stadiums Tour with Ultimo and I need some rest while I’m planning some Arenas and Clubs Tours for the winter.
My intervention on the show is different based on the artist I have to work with, every artist have his own character and own technical needs. For me it’s fundamental to get into his music and into his head to known his need even before he need to ask me.
My rig actually is really tiny, based around 3 laptops (2 for playback and midi and 1 for autotune or prompter) connecter to the audio interface Playaudio12 by iConnectivity that handle the big work. then all the prompter/autotune laptops connected via ethernet to a switch and along with a mioXL a manage all the midi informations across the stage. Obviously the sync, play and setlist are all handled with the LIOBOX Controller.
For the big tours and the gear travel in cases on the trucks but for more « tiny » situations i have all my stuff in a peli case that travel with me. I usually travel on trains or planes in Italy, for european we usually use sleeping busses.
Before LIOBOX I used a generic midi controller with and a application that split midi over two machines.
The sync were not good all the time and that method require a certain time to program it the right way, with LIOBOX is all straightforward, clear and Intuitive.
The LIOBOX appears robust and the interface is really clear, intuitive and easy to use, is that one piece of gear that immediately attract all the colleagues
With LIOBOX you have a controller right out of the box that helps you sync and organize your show in the easiest way possible. never been so fast at doing my job.
I Keep the LIOBOX in his case in my backpack. In case I need it in any situation.
LIOBOX is the a fundamental part of my set up for ALL my future tours. LIOBOX It’s here to Stay.

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