Josh JACOBSON composer/producer (Alec Banjamin, Lizzy McAlpine, Laufey, Jonah Kagen, BAYNK...)….)

« The LIOBOX is the perfect addition to a standard redundant playback rig » 

Hi, I’m Josh Jacobson. I’m based in Los Angeles and I’m originally from Ithaca, NY.

I’m a composer and producer, and I specialize in acoustic piano recording, orchestration, and dance production. I release my own music as Josh Jacobson as well as a few other side projects (Treman: modern classical piano, azula: lofi beats).

I’ve also scored music for films and played live shows all over the world with several artists spanning genres all the way from pop to instrumental jazz. On tour, I play keyboard, sing, run playback and lead the band. For some shows I’ve also played Moog bass and bass guitar.

My work is a nice mix of studio and live! I produce, write, and record piano & synths in collaboration with a wide variety of artists.

Most recently I produced, mixed and mastered the acoustic piano version of ALEC BENJAMIN‘s song « Devil Doesn’t Bargain » that came out last week. Some of my other recent releases are with artists including Lizzy McAlpine, Laufey, Jonah Kagen, BAYNK, Tim Atlas and Delaney Bailey.
I’ve also worked on arrangements and string orchestration for touring shows and live installations, and provided music direction for artists including Phantogram, Zeke Finn and Sofia Carson.

At the moment I’m touring Europe with ALEC BENJAMIN. We were in Paris in June for a show in Trianon.We’ve been out for four weeks, and have a couple weeks left before heading back home!

My role is to lead the band, run rehearsals and sound check, work on live arrangements and make updates to the Ableton session to keep everything running smoothly for different sets and all of the unpredictable things that happen while on tour. During the shows, I play keys, sing harmony vocals and run playback.

I’m playing a Nord Stage 3 and a Prophet Rev2 on this tour. For playback, two MacBook Pros and a PlayAudio12 and multiple Mio’s for automated patch changes on both of my keyboard, plus a Kemper and JX44 switcher in guitar world. We also take MIDI in from my nord and a vocal mic return into another iConnectivity interface in order to do a live vocal harmonizer.


Before switching to the LIOBOX we were using a basic midi keyboard with song name labels taped on the keys. But changing the set list was a whole operation, and there was no good way of running several different set lists on the same tour. This presented a major problem on our 2022 Euro run because we had several festival dates, each with a different set length in addition to the standard setlist for our headline shows.

When I get the LIOBOX in my hand, I loved it immediately and got everything up and running within a few minutes! The hardware is solid and rugged, with a case design reminiscent of Radial DI’s rather than the cheap plastic of most midi keyboard. Building set lists is easy and I’ve run 20+ shows now with no problems at all. Some of those performances were festival sets in front of more than 10,000 people and I’ve never had any anxiety about using this piece of gear as a crucial component in our setup. The design of the hardware and software inspires confidence and I find everything to be rock solid.

Working with multiple set lists is easy, and the design is straightforward and convenient to work with. The display provides helpful feedback during a show, and the A/B computer status indicators on the display are also incredibly helpful when working with a standard redundant playback rig. I always prefer dedicated hardware like this rather than software solutions, and I find the LIOBOX to be perfectly engineered for this very specific purpose.

My LIOBOX is installed right by our computers in the playback blind to the left of my keyboards.

The LIOBOX is the perfect addition to a standard redundant playback rig and integrates seamlessly with iConnectivity products.


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