Jeffrey KUBIAK (PB tech / Owner SDA Sound)
« it’s obvious functionality/customizability but mostly it’s intuitive » 

Hi my name is Jeffrey Jerome Kubiak (friends call me Rome) I’ve been touring as a technician in live music for 9 years.

I have my own company called SDA Sound in Los Angeles, I work as a technical advisor of sorts, music production, sound design and of course live playback. This year I’m mainly on tour with Halsey, and The Kid Laroi.

When touring my role is Playback but I also do vocal production.

The position of Playback is critical within the departments. Modern productions/shows simply don’t happen without it.

The setup for Halsey is immense. It’s 3 zones on stage (drums, guitars, keys) where we have both midi networks and Audio over Dante. Playback operates 6 computers using Ableton for PB, Mainstage for keys and FX, and Live professor 2 for vocal production. We use a Lynx Aurora for any AES/Dante/analog conversion for the vocals and guitars. We use a direct out prodigy MD for redundant switching of the 32 Dante channels from the various computers.

To me the most important things in designing a PB array would be quality (where it counts), consistency, and problem solvability.

We actually use one Liobox as center piece of our Playback rack.

For me the advantage to a hardware controller is not busy’ing up the monitor/laptop real estate. Not having to close and open windows during show.
Why I love the Liobox specifically is it’s obvious functionality/customizability but mostly it’s intuitive ability to problem solve. Let’s you know when sessions don’t match or when computers or DAWs fail or disconnect. also love the ability to load set lists fast without touching the Computer running audio during a show. Plus it looks cool 😝🤘🏻


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